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Nail Dryer Buying Guide

Nail Dryers have become more and more popular in the UK beauty sector. With customers becoming more likely to skip the salon in favour of carrying out thier own home manicures and pedicures, making sure you buy the right product, at the right price is important.

Here are best nail dryers, we intend to help you to do just that. We search through hundreds of products and reviews to find the best nail lamps on the market. Our aim is to save you time and money, bringing you information on a range of products from Amazon and other stores online. Whats more our service is completely free!

Have a read through our shopping guide and find out the benefits of nail dryers and other beauty products. We look at the main features to consider when looking at reviews and deals.

What are the different types of nail dryer?

There are three main different types of nail dryer or nail lamp which are suitable for using. Traditional nail dryers using a fan, are used for regular nail polish. LED and UV nail lamps can be used for gel based polish. Some dryers are able to dry two hands or feet at the same time and are suitable for both regular polish and gel polish.

What Benefits of a nail dryer?

Ease of use

While these machines can offer the professional finish that you can revcieve from beauty therapist, that doesnt mean they are difficult to use. A lot of the models can get you going at the press of a button and select your timer. Its really that simple.


The most obvious benefit for nail dryers is the time that they can save you. Not just the speed at which they can dry your nails, but also the saved trips out to have a professional do your nails. An LED lamp will cure a layer of polishin around 30 seconds. A UV lamp will take upto a minute and a half for the same. A regular fan dryer will vary but again won’t take long.


The one off cost of a nail lamp isn’t high and we canhave you save on the items you buy to make sure you get one which is cost effective. Not only is the cost low, but they last a long time with very little maintenaince.

Balancing the cost of the new nail lamp or dryer vs the cost of nail salons and beauty parlours makes the at home option a very cost effective product.

How to choose the right nail dryer for you

There are a number of different features which can make the difference when buying a nail dryer or lamp.


One of the key factors to consider is how much space you have at home to place your nail dryer. If you have plenty of room its worth considering a larger device which can fit two hands. This has the obvious benefit of being able to dry both hands or feet at the same time to half the time of your manicure or pedicure.

If you are a professional beauty therapist then this can allow you to get more nails done and see more customers in a shorter time.

Type of nails

Also worth considering is what type of nails you are likelt to be using the dryer for more frequently. Some products are designed to be used with gel and artificial nails, whereas some brands are able to be used with regular nails. Some of the higher quality products allow for both gel nail and regular nails on the same product. Its very much worth checking out the reviews for these lamps as you can save in the long run and achieve better results.

Where will you use the nail dryer?

If you are likely to be using the lamp in multiple locations, its worth checking that the size and shape lends itself to being portable. While the nail polish is easily done in a variety of locations, making sure you can plug in the nail dryer in a suitable location can be the different between and easy manicure and a challenging task.

Do UV nail dryers work on regular polish?

Uv gel nail lamp and dryers for regular nail polish can be combined in some models. However, it is important to make sure you get the right one for your nails.

Regular nail polish dryer work like in a similar way to a hair dryer by using warm air to speed up the drying process. This process however, will not work with gel polish. For gel polish nails you will need a UV nail lamp or an LED nail lamp. These work by shining the ultra violet light directly onto the gel polish in order to give the hardened finish.

Is LED or UV nail lamp better?

While both LED and UV lamps will get the job done for gel polish, LED lamps will typically cure the polish much quicker and may help to speed the process along. UV light takes longer for you to get the results but are generally cheaper as you will see from reviews. You may want to check out our review section for UV and LED nail dryers.

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How much should a nail lamp cost?

Depending on the brand and model chosen a nail lamp can cost anywhere from £20 for the basic UV lamp, all the way up to £150 for the more professional models which have more features.

For the average person its reasonable to spend between £25 -£40 to get a good quality product which can save a trip to the salon. When looking on Amazon for products make sure you facotr in the delivery cost and search the reviews before you buy.

A UV bulb can last around 100 hours and and LED lamp around 50k hours! While that may seem a big difference, the 100 hours apread across the each time you do you nails, may last you 15-20 years in total. The LED lamp is unlikely to ever need replacing unless faulty.

Worth factoring in is the cost saved from not needing to go to the salon for manicures and pedicures. A lot people are now moving to a nail dryer prior to a night out and spending the saving on something more fun! This can be a £20+ saving per trip if you wear a lot of nail polish so it will be sure to add up quickly.

Are nail dryers dangerous?

The short answer is no, if used correctly they can be problem free. Be sure to follow the information in the instructions but generally they are very easy to use when you need a manicure or pedicure. Always make sure you check the product before using to ensure there aren’t any faults.

Which nail dryer is best?

Now that you have an idea of which type of nail fryer is right for you its time to search for the one you want to get and see how much you can save.

We have searched through hundreds of products to find tou the best dryer for nail polish at the best price. Have a search through our free guides below and see if you can make the most out of your shopping.

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